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But please don't blame me for the obnoxious "pop-under" ads when you first come to the site -- I wanted to keep this site non-commercial, but the people who are hosting this site for free told me I had to put the ads there. Yes, I know that Godzilla is really charcoal-grey and not green, at least in the movies. I also know that the original Japanese name for Godzilla is pronounced "Gojira" (accent on the "Go") and is a combination of "gorilla" and the Japanese word for whale, "kujira". This is not to say, however, that Godzilla is actually a cross between a gorilla and a whale ("Gojira" was, according to the accepted story, the nickname of a rather burly and hairy stagehand at Toho studios, and the film makers thought that would make a great name for their new monster). And no, I am NOT a Gamera fan. Godzilla is a giant mutated dinosaur, whereas Gamera is just a big turtle who flies by spinning around like a top and spewing flames from his arm and leg holes. Godzilla is a fearsome, awe-inspiring and majestic creature who can destroy an entire city all by himself; Gamera, on the other hand, is "the friend of children everywhere" -- 'Nuff said! Barry's Temple of Godzilla contains no artificial flavors or coloring, and has not been shown to cause cancer in laboratory rats. Four out of five doctors surveyed recommend visiting Barry's Temple of Godzilla. In fact, many people recommend visiting Barry's Temple of Godzilla, and nobody has ever complained about it (at least nobody worth mentioning). Have I mentioned how much we really, really love those wonderful folks at Toho? You must be at least 8 days old to visit the Barry's Temple of Godzilla. No warranties, either express or implied are made regarding Barry's Temple of Godzilla and its suitability for any purpose. Void where prohibited. All rights reserved. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is unintentional and purely coincidental. 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