Godzilla Trading Cards

Back in 1995, in conjunction with the release of Godzilla vs. Destroyer, Toho authorized the production of a set of Godzilla trading cards. The cards proved to be extremely popular and Toho ended up producing a number of additional sets in the years that followed, but this set was the first and (in my opinion) the best. The cards were sold in small foil packets, 8 to a pack, and there were 102 regular cards and 4 bonus hologram cards (a number of the regular cards were specially treated to have a "prism" effect). In addition, there were 8 separate "checklist" cards that listed what all the possible cards were.

The first 21 cards in the collection reproduce the original poster art for each of Godzilla's movies up to and including Godzilla vs. Destroyer, with the sole exception of King Kong vs. Godzilla (I'm guessing Toho no longer had the rights to publish a picture of King Kong). The rest of the cards depict all the main monsters from the various movies as well as some key scenes. Thrown in for good measure are a few random Toho monsters that never actually appeared in a Godzilla movie, such as the original Moguera from The Mysterians and the giant squid monster, Gezora, from Yog: Monster from Space.

It was neither easy nor cheap to accumulate a complete collection of these cards, believe me! I ended up having to buy quite a number of individual packs, and even then I was unable to find one of the hologram cards. I eventually ended up trading all my extra cards for the one missing hologram card.

Anyway, I have divided the collection into 8 different sets of cards, according to the 8 "checklists" that came with the cards, as well as a separate set of hologram cards. Click on any of the images below to view the associated set:

Set #1
(cards 1-13)

Set #2
(cards 14-26)

Set #3
(cards 27-39)

Set #4
(cards 40-52)

Set #5
(cards 53-65)

Set #6
(cards 66-78)

Set #7
(cards 79-90)

Set #8
(cards 91-102)

(hologram cards 1-4)

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