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In 1996 through 1998 I wrote two full-length cyber novels for the Temple of Godzilla. These novels came about for three main reasons:

  1. During 1996 and 1997 there was a phenomenal amount of hype and discussion about the upcoming American Godzilla movie from Tristar Pictures. After hearing people argue back and forth about what the plot should be, and whether Messrs. Devlin and Emmerich could write a decent version of it, I decided that I wanted to write my own version of what I thought would make a great "american" Godzilla story.
  2. At about the same time, Random House announced that they were publishing a line of Godzilla novels, the first ever to be published here in the United States. "Well," I thought, "if ever there was a subject I felt qualified to write about...." Although the Senior Editor in charge of the project, Alice Alfonsi, was very supportive of my efforts, she also made it clear that they were only planning to use "multi-published authors" for the project. Presumably, there just aren't enough Godzilla fans out there who would buy the book, and non-Godzilla fans aren't going to buy a book about Godzilla written by someone named "Barry S. Goldberg." [Who?]
  3. I was constantly trying to come up with ways to make the Temple of Godzilla fresh and unique, and I thought that publishing my novels on the site would do the trick, especially since I decided to publish them a chapter at a time as I wrote each chapter.

I have no idea how many people read my novels over the years or what the majority of people thought about them, but I certainly had a great time writing them. In fact, the experience directly contributed to my decision to change careers and become a professional writer. Yes, I realize that working as a Senior Technical Writer for a medical software company isn't quite the same as writing novels, but still....

A Note on Continuity
Godzilla Attacks
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Godzilla Reborn
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