Random Shots

Below is a random sampling of some of the Godzilla related weirdness that either I found elsewhere in my travels or else was specifically created for the Temple of Godzilla by creative fans. Because I do include a few pictures, I must beg people to please not link directly to any of the files on this page, lest even this small memorial page be shut down for good.

The Godzilla Care Sheet
[or, "How to Care for Your Pet Godzilla"]
Godzilla Song Lyrics
The Godzilla movie you've never seen
(don't panic -- it's just a promotional poster
for a 25th anniversary Godzilla film festival!)
A really cool cartoon drawing by Nikolas Zezos
A seriously cool picture drawn by Jimmy Alcharkas
A most cool picture drawn by Blake
An IMPOSSIBLY cool picture drawn by Marc Eiland
"Godzilla in Retirement"
(by Greg Tuft, who drew it after hearing an
NPR report euphemistically referring to Godzilla's
death in Godzilla vs. Destroyer as "retiring")
"The 'real' battle between Godzilla and King Kong"
(by John T. Rex)
"So, you think you're tough?"
(by the inimitable Charlie Parker)

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